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Yantai Worker Li Xintao Was Sentenced to Five Years¡¯ Imprisonment

China Labor Watch Press Release

May 15, 2005

China Labor Watch has learned that Li Xintao, former workers of the Huamei 
Garment Company in Muping town of Yantai City, Shandong Province, was 
sentenced to five years¡¯ imprisonment by the Muping Municipal Court on May 
11, and Kong Jun, a 42-year old female worker from the same company, was 
sentenced to serve two years in jail.

Li, Kong and two other workers were detained by the police in November 2004 
when they appealed to the local government about delayed payment of wages 
and failure on the part of their employer to pay for required insurance. 
They were later officially arrested on charges of ¡°disturbing government 
institutions¡± and ¡°disturbing social order¡±.

It is said that the Huamei Garment Company, a state-owned enterprise that 
employs more than 100 workers, filed for bankruptcy in August, 2002. It was 
not until 2003 that the workers found out the management had stopped paying 
for their insurance as early as March 2001. Therefore, not only did they 
receive no allowance from the management, but they were also ineligible any 
unemployment benefits.

More than 40 workers, led by Li Xintao, started to appeal to the local 
government and Bureau of Labor starting in July, 2004, under the slogan 
¡°We need to live, we need to eat, give us justice¡±. However, their appeal 
brought no positive result.

The other two workers were released after spending almost a month at the 
detention center and paying a bail of 3,000 RMB. Kong Jun was released on 
the 28th day of detention on medical grounds after leaving their housing 
documents as a deposit. Parole was denied to 52-year-old Li Xintao who has 
been in detention since then.

According to China Labor Watch¡¯s sources, Li and Kong¡¯s families will 
appeal to a higher court. However, no lawyer from local law offices dares 
to take their cases. Their families are contacting lawyers from elsewhere 
to defend them at the court.

China Labor Watch strongly urges the higher court reject the verdict of the 
Mupin Municipal Court and the Yantai city government immediately take 
measures to solve the problems that workers are facing.

Li Qiang

Executive Director
China Labor Watch

Li Qiang
Phone: 1-917-257-8589
China Labor Watch
P.O. Box 4134
Grand Central Station
New York, NY 10163-4134

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