[Marxism] ISO: "For a Mass, Non-Exclusionary Antiwar Movement"

Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
Mon May 16 20:15:56 MDT 2005

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From: "alan ginsberg" <aginsberg at lycos.com>
> Quite simply, IAC supported a call to prevent groups from functioning in 
> the "global justice movement,"
> if they disregarded the "struggle of any people."
> This sounds exclusionary to me.

And UP&J hasn't been exclusionary? I mean, exclusion, not inclusion, has 
been the guiding light of the movement (on the part of ALL groups) since 
March of 2003. I remember reading a hearing comrades accuse X or Y group of 
having SABOTAGED the anti-war movement and hence make it possible for Bush 
to invade. Man, I love dialectics, but that shit was illogical even under 
the most bold exercise on dialectics!

The thing is that a REAL call for a "Mass, Non-Exclusionary Antiwar 
Movement" must, if it is to be an honest orientation towards precisely a 
"Mass, Non-Exclusionary Antiwar Movement", recognize ALL forces in the 
anti-war movement as important, with "Out Now" as the single point of unity.

ANSWER might have been exclusionary, but so was the UP&J. A plague to both 
houses in that sense.

As I pointed out in my brief overview of what is the largest 
anti-imperialist victory against the USA in the history of Puerto Rico, the 
kicking out of th enavy from Vieques, to have a "Mass, Non-Exclusionary 
Antiwar Movement" you don't even need a single coalition. You just need a 
single slogan and a tolerant attitude towards difference. And you can win!!!

And I will be honest, I don't see this attitude anywhere. I see certain 
forces (some of which I agree on many questions) coalitioning with others 
(some of which I don't agree on many questions) and leaving out other forces 
(some of which I agree on many questions) simply because of a lack of 
personal affinity or of orientation.

Furthermore, until the left of the UP&J doesn't break with the far right, 
and the Democrat's stranglehold is not broken, there will not be a "Mass, 
Non-Exclusionary Antiwar Movement", but rather a self-congratulatory unity 
from above that is uncapable of winning even against Democratic 
pro-imperialism. To use Celia Hart's formulation on Fidel, there is only a 
precipice to the right of the left wing of the CPUSA. While to the left of 
the ISO (WWP and PSL) there are many valuable and dedicated comrades who are 
surprisingly willing to talk and bury hatchets (even if in shallow graves) 
if only they were acknowledged.

ANd not only ANSWER, but NION. I mean, say what you will, but NION was 
arguably the people who jumpstarted the whole thing by putting forth the 
first coherent minimum program. The RCP is cultish, but they are scientific 
on marketing.

This is getting to real for the internet. Hum. Let me say:

Yeah. I love all of you people, DON"T GO ISO ON ME (even those of you *from* 
the ISO) for saying all of this.

(This last month has been probably the most tiring in my political career. 
And I have faced some very serious shit before... Cryptic baby, but thats 
how the cookie crumbles. Those who know, know what I mean.)

> Also, does ANSWER still exist? In New York, its place seems to have been 
> taken by "U.S. Troops Out Now."

It does, but its strongest base is in the west coast and the DC area.


The IAC is no longer in ANSWER, BTW.


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