[Marxism] Treasurer on class analysis

Nick Fredman srcsra at scu.edu.au
Mon May 16 23:58:17 MDT 2005

Australian conservative Costello, looking for novel ways to sell a 
tax cut that hugely favours the well-off over the poor, has been more 
correct in his definition of working class than many academic 
sociologists. Though I don't think anyone who's been on $200 
000+/year for a while would still be forced to sell their labour 
power to survive (rather than have some capital they've accumulated). 
Also that people on such an income deserve a much higher tax cut than 
those on below $50 000 doesn't really follow.

Costello taxes the point: we're all working class
By John Garnaut
May 17, 2005

The Treasurer, Peter Costello, who earns $200,200 a year plus 
benefits, has welcomed himself into the swelling ranks of the working 

"Anybody who derives their income from labour is part of the working 
class," Mr Costello said yesterday, as he touted the budget tax cuts 
for high earners during a visit to the northern Brisbane suburb of 
Bracken Ridge.

Lest Kerry Packer, Alan Bond or Warren Buffett feel marginalised, Mr 
Costello generously threw open the working-class gates to anyone who 
has ever done an honest day's corporate raiding.

"Anyone who works is a member of the working class, right, anyone who 
works," the Treasurer said. "This idea that you only work if you are 
engaged in manual labour - most Australians aren't engaged in manual 
labour, but they work, they are workers and they deserve tax cuts."

Selling his tax cuts for every worker, especially those earning 
upwards of $125,000 year, was not difficult work. Neither was scoring 
points off what Mr Costello called the "complete stunt" by the Labor 
leader, Kim Beazley, in opposing the Government's tax cuts.

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