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Whoever  blames the warrior for the war is shooting the message and not the  
messenger. Hell, let me use your pet peeve, just for the sake of it, the  
freaking Bolsheviks organized Soldier's soviets, from units of the Czarist  

But unless those warriors feel some heat from their own people about their  
role as mercenaries for the ruling class then how will they ever be brought to  
the point where they realise that the glory and accolades which members of 
that  ruling class continually shower upon them are BS?
We denounce the troops we help demoralise them, which can only help the  
resistance. A huge factor in the anti-Vietnam war movement, largely suppressed  
for obvious reasons, was the role of the troops who agitated and mobilised  
against the war within their units and on the bases. 
The Bolsheviks, you are quite right, did organise troops in the field. But  
only once they'd become demoralised and began to question the war. How do we  
help bring the troops to that point is the question? Of course, the war itself, 
 the efforts of the resistance, will be responsible mainly for that  
demoralisation taking root. Nonetheless, we do have a role to play as  well.

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