[Marxism] Reactions to Murray Smith

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Tue May 17 05:45:02 MDT 2005

Louis wrote:

> Smith 
> seems to be all over the map politically. He is a member of the Mandelista
> group in France and the post-Healyite International Committee for the 
> Fourth International at the same time! Can this be possible? He was also a
> member of the Scottish Socialist Party.

It seems to be difficult even for an old Trot like Louis to keep track of
Trotskyists sectarianas. 

Murray Smith is not 'in' the International Committee FOR the Fourth
International but 'on' the International Committee OF the Fourth

The International Committee OF the Fourth International is the leading body
of the Mandelista Fourth International, fomerly called Executive Committee

BTW: Did you post any response to the Lorimer article?


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