[Marxism] AMFA leadership agrees to $96 million giveback at United Airlines

acpollack2 at juno.com acpollack2 at juno.com
Tue May 17 06:48:15 MDT 2005

Note the rationales for the surrender:
"This is a sad day for our membership at United, and it was perpetrated because of mismanagement," said O.V. Delle-Femine, national director of the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association. Mr. Delle-Femine said the union accepted the agreement because it feared that if the dispute went to court, the union would lose even more.
"It's not something to celebrate," [AMFA official Terry] O'Rourke said of the agreement. "We are under the coercion of the bankruptcy court process, and we made the best of bad choices."

After all the blaster about a possible strike they give in pretty damned quickly. Not surprising, after they let the court impose "temporary" wage and benefit cuts for the last four months. The members could still reject the deal of course.

The blame on "mismanagement" and the "bankruptcy court process" shows why AMFA leadership is no better than that of the other unions. "Our" company can thrive, they believe, if only we get rid of unique obstacles like a rotten CEO or judge. No conception of the industrywide nature of the problem, or how the latter is just a symptom of the classwide attacks we've faced for the last 30 years.

And THIS is the union whose record Malik Miah and Caroline Lund believe proves the need for all workers to leave the AFL-CIO!

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