Many Vietnam Vets were Red as a Baboon's Ass (was Re: [Marxism]ISO: "For...

Mark Lause MLause at
Tue May 17 07:49:35 MDT 2005

Jscotlive at wrote, "We denounce the troops we help demoralise
them, which can only help the resistance.... The Bolsheviks, you are
quite right, did organise troops in the field. But only once they'd
become demoralised and began to question the war. How do we help bring
the troops to that point is the question? Of course, the war itself, the
efforts of the resistance, will be responsible mainly for that
demoralisation taking root. Nonetheless, we do have a role to play as

Okay, our political task is to help demoralize the troops to aid the
resistance.  How to do that more effectively?  Spit on them?  Since we
want to demoralize the war effort, shouldn't we try to get this on
camera as well?  

Frankly, we wouldn't get much different advice from the president or one
of his minions or a police agent.  

On the face of it, this is less of a political position than a good
wallow in self-righteous moralizing and adolescent dipshittery. 


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