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Frankly,  we wouldn't get much different advice from the president or one
of his  minions or a police agent.  

On the face of it, this is less of a  political position than a good
wallow in self-righteous moralizing and  adolescent dipshittery. 

What kind of crap is this? 
So, what's the alternative, tell them how much we love them and understand  
their pain? How they, as they're letting a few more Iraqis have it with their  
M-60's, are the real victims in this war and if they would just stop and think 
 maybe, just maybe, they might come round to seeing it our way?
Your asinine response reveals that congenital malaise among some segments  of 
the US left' namely, a lack of willingness to take an honest, principled  and 
strong stance against your own troops engaged in what are atrocities to rank  
with any committed by the Nazis during the Second World War. 
National chauvinism has no place in an antiwar or anti-imperialism  movement. 
None whatsoever. 

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