[Marxism] On Malvinas in Argentina (to Paddy)

Paddy Apling e.c.apling at btinternet.com
Tue May 17 09:51:28 MDT 2005

At 21:34 16/05/2005, Nestor wrote:
>No, Paddy, on this you are wrong.  Because the whole issue of
>dependency of Argentina is knotted, and revolving, around the
>Malvinas.  It is somehow long to explain but just in the same way the
>presence of American troops in Viet Nam was *the* anti-imperialist
>issue in USA, 1965 (and their presence in Iraq should be, methinks,
>*the* issue today), British occupation of the Malvinas, when
>considered in an Argentinean political context, opens up the door to
>every other debate in a way hardly other issue (save for the foreign
>debt, and not even this) does.
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> > However, I think that even for Argentinians the Malvinas problem is
> > rather a side-issue compared to the overwhelming issue of current US
> > (with GB as side-kick) policies.

Replying to the easy one first.
Clearly I AM wrong and Nestor's explanation of the issue in the Argentinian 
context really hits home.

For Argentinians the link to other aspects of imperialism is clearly the 
Malvinas - as in Britain the link can so often be defence of the National 
Health Service - a link which can probably also be very difficult for an 
Argentinian to understand - yet it is a really important way to get people 
to think deeply about other matters.

Thanks Nestor....


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