[Marxism] Subject: Re: Many Vietnam Vets were Red as a Baboon's Ass

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Tue May 17 10:00:28 MDT 2005

Well, Mr Rivera, if you want to be consistent with the Leninist

1) How many 'Bolsheviks' are in the US army, Navy, &C.
Answer: None

2) Where did the Bolsheviks advocate: "Support 'our' troops,
bring them home"
Answer: Nowhere

3)It was the Kerensky regime that advocated "Support our troops
at the front", to which the Bolsheviks opposed with the policy:
"Bread, Land, Peace" -- "Turn the imperialist war into a civil
class war"! 

Mr Rivera, do you advocate "support the troop"... or have you 
advocated "turn the imperialist war into a civil [class] war"? 
If so, where? If not, it is nothing but demagogy and hypocrisy
to bring the Bolsevik policy. I doubt that you have any Red
cells in the US army calling for the rejection of the war, and
turning the guns on the officers by joining forces with revolutionary
workers councils. 

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From: "Carlos A. Rivera" <cerejota at optonline.net>
Subject: Re: Many Vietnam Vets were Red as a Baboon's Ass (was Re:

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> But
> only once they'd become demoralised and began to question the war.

This is not true.

There where complete Bolshevik (and other groups) cells within all branches 
of the armed forces LONG before the 1917 revolutions.

In Venezuela, large sections of the armed forces have played a revolutionary

role with no war going on (I know, not an imperialist army, ya-da ya-da)

Thing is, orientation towards members of the military cannot be one of 
simple hatred, for the simple reason they are also part of the working 

And of course, the Iraqi's attitude towards the soldiers should be different

from ours. Am a bit orthodox on this bit, I suggest you read some Lenin on 
the difference between the anti-imperialism of the oppressed nation and the 
anti-imperialism of the oppresor nation (ie "Self-Determination", 
"Imperialism" etc etc etc)


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