Many Vietnam Vets were Red as a Baboon's Ass (was Re: [Marxism]ISO: "For a Mass, Non-Exclusionary Antiwar Movement"

rrubinelli rrubinelli at
Tue May 17 10:43:40 MDT 2005

Bolsheviks organized Soldier's soviets but did they have a slogan like
"Support the Czarist troop?"

Of  course not--- because first and foremost to the Bolsheviks was the
class character of the war; and just that class character makes slogans
like "Bring our boys/girls/troops/kids home now"  so inappropriate, such
an accommodation to patriotism.

We've been through this argument before between those advocating BTTHN,
and those advocating  Troops Out Now! with the TON being tarred as
"ultra-lefts" by the BTTHN.

I remember the discussion getting to a point where I asked, "What's
Next?  Have You Hugged Your Mechanized Infantry Today?"  To which Walter
Lippmann something close to "Yes, that's exactly what our approach
should be."  Can't make this up.

In Europe, and Japan, of course, TON is a minimalist position, and
criticized far and wide as inadequate to advancing the struggle.  But
that's another world, I guess.

And what does Bring our b/g/k/t Home Now say about our internationalism?
How about the British troops, the Polish, the troops from other

Simple solution:.  Troops Out.  No Occupation.  No Military or Civilian
Contractors Working for the US/UK.

There is no need to cover ourselves as being friends to the organization
of the military acting as  capital's executioners.  On the contrary, we
should make fundamentally clear the class role and purpose of the
military in order to oppose that to the class needs of the rank and

Recruiting is collapsing, dissension is great in the ranks of the
military; those are perfect conditions for illuminating, heightening
class conflict, not obscuring it in slogans like Bring Them Home Alive
Now, or Bring Our B/G/K/N Now.


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