[Marxism] Don't let Posada Carriles escape from the US!

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Tue May 17 13:14:51 MDT 2005

Now Posada's lawyer says he skipped his asylum request meeting
with the authorities this morning and is going to leave the US
as we read in the EFE information below.

This announcement is of extreme significance and demonstrates
that Cuba's campaign to hunt down this internationally-reviled
terrorist -- outside rightist Cuban exile circles - has borne
fruit. This is further 

This is further why Fidel Castro has been speaking every night.
This is why over a million Cubans marched today to demands his
arrest. Cuba's campaign has smoked Posada out. Now that we know
where the monster is, everyone should demand Posada's immediate
arrest and extradition to Venezuela where he's a fugitive from
justice, a criminal whose extradition has been formally sought.

Luis Posada Carriles, you can't hide! It's necessary now to
raise the cry as loud as possible that Posada NOT be allowed to
leave the United States. He should be arrested and extradited to
Venezuela where he is a wanted man. As President George W. Bush
has said so often, anyone who protects a terrorist is as guilty
as the terrorist himself! Posada should NOT be allowed to leave
the United States. He should be arrested and should leave the
United States in matching stainless-steel bracelets and should
be extradited to Venezuela where he's a wanted man, a fugitive
from justice. The whole idea of his lawyer announcing that he's
leaving the United States is outrageous! He should be arrested.

It was a crime for this terrorist to enter the United States
and now that it's acknowledged that he's here, it would be a
WORSE crime to allow Posada to leave. We have to now demand:


Walter Lippmann, CubaNews

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[Here's EFE's own expanded, english version...]

EFE - May 17, 2005

Posada's lawyer says he's taking off

Miami, May 17 (EFE).- Alleged Cuban terrorist Luis Posada Carriles will 
leave the United States, presumably clandestinely, and resume his life 
as a peripatetic fugitive without pursuing his request for political 
asylum here, the anti-Castro militant's lawyer said here Tuesday.

Word from lawyer Eduardo Soto came only hours after The Miami Herald 
published a long interview with Posada, who despite being on a U.S. 
immigration watch list and being wanted for bombing civilian targets by 
at least two countries had entered the United States illegally and was 
making little effort to conceal himself.

"My client will leave the country because of pressure being generated 
against the United States and the Cuban exile community," Soto told EFE 
in a telephone interview.

He did not say when Posada would leave, by what means, or where he might go.
The attorney said Posada had a first meeting scheduled for Tuesday 
morning with immigration authorities to discuss his request for asylum, 
but that he decided to skip it. Word of his travel plans came a few days 
after Venezuela officially requested that U.S. authorities arrest Posada 
with an eye to extraditing him to Venezuela for trial on terrorism charges.

Posada, who said he arrived in Miami in March, surfaced publicly Tuesday 
with the publication by the Herald of a long interview in which he said 
he easily avoided detention after clandestinely entering the United 
States from Mexico by lying to a Border Patrol agent.

In the interview, Posada Carriles, the most wanted fugitive in both Cuba 
and Venezuela, also declared his eternal belief in armed struggle to 
overthrow Fidel Castro.

"I've always believed in rebellion, in the armed struggle. I believe 
more and more every day that we will triumph against Castro.

"Victory will be ours," he told the paper, adding that although he is not 
completely out of hiding, he goes to the market and other places and has 
been recognized by several people on the street here.

The interview, published several weeks after Posada's lawyer reported he 
had slipped into the United States by land from Mexico and made his way 
to Miami, came as Cuban leader Fidel Castro led a "march against 
terrorism" to the door of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Havana.

Castro has accused U.S. authorities of harboring Posada Carriles despite 
his implication in terrorist acts over the past decades.

Cuba contends that such protection, in light of Washington's proclaimed 
"war against terrorism," amounts to flagrant hypocrisy.

In Tuesday's story, the Herald says Posada Carriles is practically 
hiding in plain sight in Miami, where he lately has ventured out on 
errands or to a doctor's appointment without fear of being apprehended.

The paper said the longtime militant, who in 1998 acknowledged to the 
New York Times that he organized bombings the previous year of hotels 
and night clubs in Havana - attacks in which one man was killed and 
several people were wounded - has spent his recent days mostly reading 
and painting.

"At first I hid a lot," he told the paper. "I thought the (U.S.) 
government was looking for me." Venezuela, which wants to retry Posada 
Carriles for his alleged role in the 1976 bombing of a Cuban state 
airliner in which 73 people were killed, has requested his extradition 
from the United States.

The 77-year-old Posada, who served in the U.S. Army and worked for years 
for the CIA, is seen by many anti-Castro activists as something of a hero.
The Herald said the two-hour interview took place last Wednesday at a 
Brickell Key apartment building overlooking downtown Miami.

In it, Posada denied any role in the bombing of a Cubana de Aviacion 
passenger jet in 1976, despite recently declassified federal documents 
linking him to meetings where such an attack was discussed.

He also related how he made it to Miami on a Greyhound bus from Houston, 
saying he narrowly avoided detention when men he said were federal 
immigration officers boarded and asked for identification papers from 
those who looked like foreigners.

A U.S. Border Patrol agent came up to him, Posada said in the interview.
"I said, 'Sir, I'm 80 years old. I forget things. Right now I don't even 
remember where I'm going,'" he said he told the agent, who then let the 
matter drop.

The Herald questioned him about his role in the 1997 hotel bombings in 
Cuba that killed an Italian tourist, but he declined to provide a direct 

"Let's leave it to history," he said.

The paper said there was no independent evidence to support Posada's 
account of how entered the United States earlier this year.

"But had an agent detained Posada, it would have been a coup for the 
Department of Homeland Security," the paper said, noting that Posada for 
several years has been on an immigration watch list.

The accused terrorist told the paper that "men of action" like himself 
were no longer held in the same high regard they once were.

He said he is prepared to be arrested if and when he has to appear for 
an asylum interview, and that he has no plans to keep running.

Until now, the U.S. government's official position - as stated by its 
top diplomat for Latin America, Roger Noriega - has been that Washington 
does not know whether Posada is in the country or not.

Days before leaving office last Sept. 1, Panamanian President Mireya 
Moscoso pardoned Posada and three other Cuban exiles convicted earlier 
in 2004 in connection with a plot to kill Fidel Castro at the 2000 
Ibero-American Summit in Panama.

Posada traveled from Panama to Honduras, and eventually to Mexico and 
then the United States.

In addition to the moves by the Venezuelan executive and judicial 
branches to get Posada sent there, the country's congress has requested 
the help of the United Nations, the Organization of American States and 
the European Union in pressuring the United States to extradite the man 
Caracas calls "one of the most fearsome terrorists in the history of 
Latin America." EFE so/dgm
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