[Marxism] Anti-Imperialist Veterans ask: Can We Oppose This War While We "Support the Troops"?

Dayne Goodwin dayneg at aros.net
Tue May 17 13:56:44 MDT 2005

On Tue, 17 May 2005, Carl Webb wrote:

>  Anti-Imperialist Veterans ask: Can We Oppose This War While We
"Support the Troops"?
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*Veterans Call to Conscience to Active Duty Troops and Reservists
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the right thing. http://www.calltoconscience.net or write VVAWAI for
Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist
PO Box 21604, Seattle, WA 98111-3604, Phone/Fax-206.374.2215
Email: TheVets at vvawai.org, Web: http://www.vvawai.org

Hello Carl,
	it's good to see you getting into this discussion.  thanks for
putting the VVAWAI statement on the list.  my quick read convinces me that
i'm in agreement, it's a great statement.

	i think it could be titled "Support the Troops, Bring Them Home
	that's the call the Wasatch Coalition for Peace and Justice which
i'm part of here in Utah has taken up these last couple years.

	we are very careful about *not* saying "Support *our* troops"
because as long as they are in the military under U.S. government orders
they are not "our" troops, they are the U.S. government's troops, i.e. the
capitalist class's troops. [as i saw Eli clarify in recent message]

	but given the political context, realities, that are explained in
the VVAWAI statement on how the government uses 'support the troops' to
try to win political support for u.s. imperialism -
	plus my observations about how the u.s. government *very
successfully* used that tactic during first Gulf War, as part of long,
on-going effort to overcome popular anti-war sentiment known as 'the
Vietnam syndrome' and to try to avoid their Vietnam catastrophe of having
military disintegrate with anti-war sentiment, and given my reading of
public political consciousness in U.S. at this time -

	we have felt that responding to the government's effort to get
public, political support for imperialist attack on Iraq with 'support the
troops' slogan/sentiment can best be answered by saying:

	Support the Troops, Bring Them Home Now!

in solidarity, Dayne

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