[Marxism] FLASH! MIAMI HERALD: "Posada in custody"

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue May 17 14:20:54 MDT 2005

(Stunning new developments. Everyone will now want
to watch NIGHTLINE to see what's broadcast. Read
this carefully and you'll see what this arrogant
bastard thought he could do to the United States,
and what kind of conditions he thought he could
place on the United States and Cuban government.

(As you can see from this, Posada has by no means
given up his asylum request. He's playing games
with this stuff. It's high-stakes poker and must
give the guy an incredible adrenaline rush.)

Posted on Tue, May. 17, 2005  

Posada in custody

Herald staff writers


Luis Posada Carriles, the Cuban exile militant Venezuela wants extradited
for allegedly blowing up a Cuban plane in 1976, has been detained by federal
authorities -- soon after met with reporters in South Florida Tuesday and
said he was reconsidering his application for asylum in the United States.

Posada was picked up at a home in southwest Miami-Dade County after his
press conference in Hialeah.

As a result of this concern, Posada said, he is willing to give up his
asylum application. ''If my petition for political asylum were to cause a
problem to the government of the United States, I am ready to reconsider my
petition,'' Posada said, sugesting he would return to life in the

The warehouse media event was Posada's second encounter with South Florida
reporters since secretly arriving in Miami in late March after sneaking into
the country without a visa -- ostensibly through the Texas border.

Posada's first encounter with the media here was a week ago Wednesday with
two Herald reporters at a Brickell Key high-rise condominium where denied
any role in the blowing up of the Cuban plane but would not deny a role in a
string of bombings in Cuban tourist sites in 1997. In that interview, Posada
also provided some details about his voyage to the United States, saying he
crossed the border at Brownsville, Tex., to catch a Greyhound bus to Miami
in Houston.

At Tuesday's media event, Posada also said he would be willing to submit
himself to a trial by an international court over allegations against him
over the Cuban plane.

But Posada set conditions: Cuba must agree to surrender for trial the piots
of the MiG warplanes that shot down two civilian aircraft in 1976 killing
four Cuban exiles and the crew of a Cuban tugboat that rammed and sank a
tugboat of refugees fleeing the island killing about 40 men, women and
children in 1994.

In an attempt to clear his name from the airliner bombing, Posada also
submitted to a lie detector test in Miami recently and passed it. The test
was performed by Thomas W.K. Mote, a forensic polygraph examiner

''It is the professional opinion of this examiner that Mr. Luis Posada
Carriles was not deceptive to the issues in this matter that he was
allegedly involved in the bombing of Cuban flight 455,'' Mote wrote in his
final report.

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