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Attacking soldiers in an army, when this army is not directing attacks  
towards you is like attacking a gas station attendant for the price of  gas.

They ARE however attacking Iraqi civilians in an imperialist war, who as  
such are fighting, not only for themselves, but for all oppressed and working  
class folks around the world, including Americans. It is therefore imperative  
that pressure is brought to bear on the troops engaged in these atrocities on  
behalf of the US ruling class, through the efforts, yes, of a mass movement, 
but  also by refuting the patriotic, nationalist propaganda entirely that the 
troops  should be supported at all costs.  
We would not I'm sure have had much sympathy with Germans following the  same 
line with regard to their troops in occupied Europe during the Second World  
War and I fail to see the difference with this one.
Your analogy with the First World War is incorrect. That was a war fought  
between imperialist powers of a like strength and size for markets and colonies, 
 while Iraq is in the process of being colonised by a superpower of 
incomparable  size and savagery. The only thing standing between Iraq's colonisation  
is the brave resistance we see unfolding there every single  day.  The 
antiwar/anti-imperialist movement within the US, which is  the only one that counts, 
has so far been largely ineffective. The fear of  criticising the troops, a 
hangover from the Vietnam War, has been cleverly and  cynically instilled by the 
ruling class. If we pander to that tactic we  pander to the kind of 
social-patriotism responsible for the collapse  of the Second International at the 
outbreak of the First World War.

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