[Marxism] Galloway on Christopher Hitchens

John Enyang x03002f at math.nagoya-u.ac.jp
Wed May 18 05:52:23 MDT 2005

Taken from a begrudging 'opinion' peice in the liberal bomber's Guardian
(UK) about Galloway's appearance before the US senate:

Before the hearing began, the Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow
[Galloway] even had some scorn left over to bestow generously upon the
pro-war writer Christopher Hitchens. "You're a drink-soaked former
Trotskyist popinjay," Mr Galloway informed him. "Your hands are shaking.
You badly need another drink," he added later, ignoring Mr Hitchens's
questions and staring intently ahead. "And you're a drink-soaked ..."
Eventually Mr Hitchens gave up. "You're a real thug, aren't you?" he
hissed, stalking away.


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