[Marxism] Galloway before Congress

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed May 18 07:51:44 MDT 2005

>It was truly impressive to watch Galloway's testimony and to see the 
>expression of the Senator's faces when he dressed them down  like little 
>kids whose mother had caught them red-handed shaving a cat!  They could 
>say nothing but mutter the words typed on the sheets at their hands.  What 
>dolts! The fundamental immorality of their lives reflected off their 
>pasty, self-satisfied faces and they couldn't even get in a single 
>comeback.  When asked about the income of some contributor, Galloway turns 
>the question right around and demands an answer from the Senators, 
>compelling them to respond to him!!!  Hanging them on their own 
>petards.   How masterful.   If the U.S. had one politician the caliber of 
>Galloway the news might really be worth watching rather than a habit.
>Paul Dillon

I could be wrong, but I had the distinct impression that Galloway's speech 
to the committee was delivered on the spot and without notes, although it 
is obvious that this is material that he knows like the back of his hand. I 
state this on the basis that his eyes never looked downwards at a paper. If 
this is the case, then this is a skill that radicals have to learn. Very, 
very impressive.



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