[Marxism] Galloway before Congress

Intense Red intnsred at socialismonline.us
Wed May 18 08:23:32 MDT 2005

 > It was truly impressive to watch Galloway's testimony and to see the
 > expression of the Senator's faces when he dressed them down like little
 > kids whose mother had caught them red-handed shaving a cat!

   Agreed.  But what is sad is that 99% of the American public will have no 
clue as to how much Galloway embarrassed the committee. :-(  The way this is 
being reported in the vast majority of the US corporate press is not 
representative as to what happened.

   The one clip I've seen over and over again is where one Senator berates 
Galloway for not answering a hypothetical question about how he would feel if 
he had taken money from Hussein.  It works to portray Galloway as dodging 
questions, which is not the reality when I saw the full hearing.  Galloway's 
classic, hard-hitting lines are basically absent from the news reports I've 

   Even more revolting is to see the clip of the Republican head of the 
committee talking to reporters afterwards, describing how he still has 
concerns about Galloway.

   WTF?!  Gimme a break, Galloway eviscerated the documents and "evidence" 
which the Senate used to smear him, cited everything from a British court 
case to newspapers admitting they used forgeries, and the Senators had no 
other evidence -- yet the head of the committee has the gall to say he still 
has concerns.  Yes, truth is on its knees in American politics...


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