[Marxism] re: Comments on Holloway reply to Lebowitz

M. Junaid Alam mjunaidalam at msalam.net
Wed May 18 11:00:43 MDT 2005

"John Holloway: Clearly the struggle [in Venezuela] did not originate in 
the state: it originated as a class struggle, a popular struggle against 
the manifestations of capitalism."

Even more clearly, the "popular struggle" of the Carazco in 1989 ended 
swiftly with the massacre of the slum-dwellers who descended upon the 
capital by the army. That took all the "popularity" right out of it. 12 
years later, leftist elements of this same army later proved 
instrumental in improving the living conditions of these same 
slum-dwellers - and in preventing them from being massacred again - by 
taking state power. So it turns out you can't go on your merry way and 
ignore the state. Unless you are suicidal, of course.

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