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> We would not I'm sure have had much sympathy with Germans following the 
> same
> line with regard to their troops in occupied Europe during the Second 
> World
> War and I fail to see the difference with this one.

This is the crux of the matter with you. There is a difference between on 
how revolutionaries within the oppresor countries and in the oppressed 
countries should approach this question.

While in Germany, due to the fascist nature of the State, german 
revolutionaries' work amongst the soldiers was clandestines a severly 
repressed, it still happened, sometimes even as part of the same Comintern 
that was blowing them up to smitthereens elsewhere.

In the USA, such work is less dangerous, and we can even openly organize 
soldier's families. So lets do it. What the Iraqis do to the troops in Iraq 
is up to the Iraqis, and we wish them victory.

The failure to see this is what demonstrates the political bankruptcy of the 
"hate the troops" argument. Unless you are an anarchist, that is.


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