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In the  USA, such work is less dangerous, and we can even openly organize  
soldier's families. So lets do it. What the Iraqis do to the troops in  Iraq 
is up to the Iraqis, and we wish them  victory.

I agree that we should be organising soldier's families. In the recent  
British general election both a mother and a father of two British troops killed  
in Iraq ran on an antiwar ticket, one in Scotland and one in England for Tony  
Blair's own seat, reducing Blair's majority by some 4,000 votes. 
Look, the troops, volunteers, are engaged in war crimes. This is an illegal  
war and their role as mercenaries for the ruling class is indisputable and  
should be called as such. Here in the UK the Nazi British National Party  
recruits predominantly in working class communities. We don't try  and reach out to 
them, we attack them, physically and orally. Yes, attempt  to recruit the 
troops, through their families, on their bases, but let's  not call an apple and 
orange. Their economic and social status grants them the  potential to be 
recruited to our politics, it doesn't automatically place them  on a pedestal, 
making them untouchable.
It is all about consciousness at the end of the day. By joining up they  
demonstrate their identification with the values and aspirations of the ruling  
class and the capitalist system. Personally, I have more truck  with the kids 
who rebel against that system, however unconsciously,  through crime.   

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