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> Here in the UK the Nazi British National Party
> recruits predominantly in working class communities. We don't try  and 
> reach out to
> them, we attack them, physically and orally.

You have no fucking idea about what you are talking about.

As a matter of fact, the most succesful anti-fascist organizations in the UK 
are FULL of ex-fascists (and hence hated by much of the left) who were 
converted by the alternation between front line physical confrontation and 
rear guard educational and even material outreach.

I personally and via the internet have friendship and collaborate 
politically with many UK anti-fas and to a man, in the current anti-war 
struggle, they agree with me on this question, informed, as I am, by their 
own experience fighting homegrown fascism.

Get off the fantasy dude, it doesn't match reality.

> Yes, attempt  to recruit the
> troops, through their families, on their bases, but let's  not call an 
> apple and
> orange. Their economic and social status grants them the  potential to be
> recruited to our politics, it doesn't automatically place them  on a 
> pedestal,
> making them untouchable.

Of course not. But it doesn't automatically place them in the shitlist, 
either. And your mechanical denouciation is just plain dumb.

> It is all about consciousness at the end of the day. By joining up they
> demonstrate their identification with the values and aspirations of the 
> ruling
> class and the capitalist system.

> Personally, I have more truck  with the kids
> who rebel against that system, however unconsciously,  through crime.

This has to be the foremost petty-bourgeoise rrrrrrrrevolutionary fantasy.

Dude, I *was* a criminal at one point in my life. I have also worked in 
organizing soldiers and veterans.

Give me the latter before the former ANY DAY. The former are usually 
de-classed, lumpenized, big talking con-artists, with no notion of anything 
called social responsability, not even a misguided notion. As a matter of 
fact, criminals represent the ultimate in bourgeoise values, not its 
ultimate negation.

Kids who join the military (unless they are criminals alreayd, not unheard 
of) are usually working class kids with some vague and misguided notions of 
social reponsability, and usually even somewhat naive (ie they buy the 
recruiter's lies at face value). They are much easier to approach 
ideologically than criminals are, and furthermore, make much more coherent 
and dedicated comrades once the come thru to the left side (Stan Goff 

While organizations, like the BPP and the YLP who oriented towards the 
criminal element self-destructed in an orgy of drugs and violence. Man, 
fucking Huey Newton was killed in a crack-related incident!


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