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Wed May 18 20:33:59 MDT 2005

Don't have time to write anything new or original (yes, i'm still here, 
lurking, Lou), just want to ditto what you and Carlos have said. And add 
that scotlive and all the others with an infantile and fetishized view of 
what soldiers are should read Karl Liebknecht's work "Militarism and 
Anti-militarism," which spells out an approach communists might consider 
taking toward soldiers. It is far more relevant even today than the 
apolitical drivel pouring out of some folks keyboards in this discussion. 
His most consistent refrain is to communicate and educate.


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>Jscotlive at aol.com continues to confuse moralizing nonsense with Marxism.
>Just to mop up one of these droppings: "The fear of criticising the
>troops, a hangover from the Vietnam War, has been cleverly and cynically
>instilled by the ruling class."
>Earlier Jscotlive at aol.com suggested demoralizing the troops by
>denouncing them for war crimes--a position he now sedates into merely
>"criticizing" them.  Yet, what's most objectionable here is not the
>dishonesty in argument (which implies that Jscotlive at aol.com regards it
>with all the importance of some junior high school debate).
>Jscotlive at aol.com's underlying assumption that our reluctance to
>criticize troops is a matter of "fear" that has been "installed by the
>ruling class" is a gross oversimplicition that is dead wrong on both
>Most working people look at the people in uniform and see younger family
>members or the kids of their coworkers and neighbors.  They understand
>what Jscotlive at aol.com does not...that the recruitment ads and the
>recruiters offer these youngsters way get more independent of their
>parents, to get a job skill, to earn benefits, and to help people.
>This understanding reflects a very elementary sense of solidarity.
>Those who call themselves "Marxists" should not only respect that but
>they damned well better sense a wee bit of it themselves.  And what use
>are any socialists who didn't have this sense before they decided they
>were socialists?
>Finally, it should be very simple to understand the difference between
>those with power who are beyond their reach and those without power who
>are within their reach.  And it should be equally simple to understand
>the pitfalls of focusing our hostility about the former on the latter.
>What I've read from Jscotlive at aol.com on this point offers a most
>non-Marxist sense of self-righteous moral superiority at the cost of our
>social understanding and political effectiveness.  It'd be worthy of a
>lot more attention if we didn't have as much confidence in and respect
>for the basic good sense of the list....
>Mark L.

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