[Marxism] Hand Posada Carriles over to his judges!

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Thu May 19 13:50:05 MDT 2005

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   I think that the Los Angeles Times has it right and the sender of
the other eMail, forwarding an appeal from the "Vancouver Communities
in Solidarity with Cuba" did not put the best slogan on the top of
the list. 

   Because I do not like to shout "No Asylum for [somebody]", and be
it this arch terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, because a negative
demand "don't do this or that" is never really pointing to a concrete
aim to achieve -- "no asylum" could also mean to keep Luis Posada
Carriles in detention for an indefinite time, waiting till the story
is forgotten, and making the detention as comfortable as possible for
him, pending his demand for asylum; it could also mean let him run
away to some unknown destination. 

   No, the demand should be expressed as a positive sentence, and a
very concrete one: hand him over to his judges who are waiting in
Venezuela vor 20 years to bring the pending trial against Posada
Carriles to its end. 
   Send him to Caracas! 

Lüko Willms 
/ Lueko.Willms at T-Online.de 

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