[Marxism] BREAKING NEWS: Extradition of Posada Carriles appearsunlikely

Paul H. Dillon illonph at pacbell.net
Thu May 19 14:42:37 MDT 2005

Ha.  There going to charge him with some minor charge and put him in a 
Federal country club prison.  Watch.

Not a surprise really. But the emperor's lack of clothes grows clearer every 
day.  Marx said something about the contradictions getting so severe they 
could no longer be hidden, seems we're in one of those times.

Paul Dillon

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> U.S. immigration officials have charged Cuban exile Luis Posada Carriles 
> with illegally entering the United States.
> Oficials say Posada Carriles, who is wanted in Venezuela for the 1976 
> bombing of a Cuban airliner, will be held without bond pending a hearing 
> in an immigration court on June 13.
> Authorities detained the 77-year-old on Tuesday. He has acknowledged 
> secretly entering the United States in March and is seeking political 
> asylum.
> Venezuela has demanded that Posada Carriles be extradited to face charges 
> for the airliner bombing that left 73 people dead. He escaped a Venezuelan 
> jail in 1985 while facing a retrial for the bombing.
> Cuban President Fidel Castro has called Posada Carriles' detention "a 
> farce," saying it was merely an attempt to protect the former CIA 
> operative's case from going to court.
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