[Marxism] Posada Carriles and Islam Karimov

Lueko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Fri May 20 01:58:08 MDT 2005

  After trying to shut their eyes for two months about the presence
of the arch terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, the US authorities had
now decided to take that hot potato directly into their hands. 

  They are stuck between a rock and a hard place of the violent fight
against the Cuban revolution with the loyalty of the rightist mafia
in Miami, and the image of the resolute fighter against terrorism. 

  As far as I can see, the situation can only get worse for the US

  At the same time, another friend, even if not such a longtime
friend, is creating headaches for the US government, this time in
Central Asia. 

  A few days ago, on May 13, the Uzbek regime showed the
characteristic hard fist of its rule by violently suppressing a
protest in the south-eastern city of Andijan; the exact numbers of
deaths is not known, but estimates go into the hundreds. 

  The president of Uzbekistan, Islam Abduganievich Karimov began his
political carreer by joining the Soviet CP in 1964. In 1983 Karimov
became minister of finance of the Uzbek SSR, and in 1986 deputy
chairman of the council of ministers of that "Socialist Soviet

  From 1986 to 1989 he served as the First Secretary of the
Kashkadarya provincial party committe of the CP, and in June 1989 he
became the First Secretary of the central committee of the Communist
Party of Uzbekistan. In March 1990, he became President of the Uzbek

  From June 1990 to August 1991 he led the process of converting the
Uzbek SSR as part of the USSR into the independent Uzbekistan, which
enabled him to keep Uzbekistan out of the "troubles" which were
shaking the stalinist burocracies rule in most other parts of the
USSR, and establishing close ties with the USA. 

  In the three years from 1995 to 1997, Uzbekistan was the only other
country, besides Israel and the USA itself, to vote in the UN General
Assembly against the resolution condemming the US blockade policies
against Cuba. 

  In the context of the war against Afghanistan, the USA established
a military base in Uzbekistan; the German "Bundeswehr" also has a
center there, apparently mainly as a stopover for their occupation
forces in Afghanistan. 

  Add to this the problems of stabilizing the situation in Iraq, two
years after the conquest, and the renewed fighting in Afghanistan.
The US government propaganda faces quite some problems to present a
coherent view of their political and military course. 

  Interesting though, that on the issue of Uzbekistan, there appears
a rift between the US and British imperialism; BBC has already for
years reported a lot about the repressive regime, and after the May
13 events, British government minister Jack Straw voiced concerns
about the situation. Maybe they, as the old colonial power, had a
better forsight about the consequences of associating with the Islam
Karimov regime. 

  BTW, are there any "leftists" out there, coming to the aid of
another old CP General Secretary to defend "socialist" law and order
against a "islamicist rebellion"? 

Lüko Willms 
/ Lueko.Willms at T-Online.de 

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