[Marxism] Quantum politics (was: ANSWER's call for "united" action)

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Fri May 20 04:17:59 MDT 2005

This is no more a call for a "united" action than I am emperor of all the

This is a musical rendition of "Goodbye and thanks for all the fish," set to
the tune of "Send in the clowns."

ANSWER, which now represents a lot LESS than the WWP and its friends which
is what it used to represent, and which was never all THAT much, does its
usual flim-flam by unilaterally, without consulting anyone, calling their
sect fest and demanding everyone unite around it.

They are entitled to do this because they are led by the one-and-only Truly
Truly Revolutionary Party(tm), the TTRP, not to be confused with those
imposters from its evil twin the TRP, or Truly Revolutionary Party, which
used to lead ANSWER, and with which Truly Truly broke in the ancient mists
of prehistoric times several days ago. 

See, all the folks in Truly Truly had been swearing for DECADES that the
Truly Revolutionary Party was the one-and-only, but it wasn't, they were
lying, which is why you can trust them now. On the other hand you can see
the limitless mendacity of the Truly Revolutionary Party because for the
same decades, they told us to trust all these same people that are now in
the Truly Truly Revolutionary Party. That was to try to hoodwink the workers
into thinking that, since they had been vouched for by Truly, the Truly
Truly leaders and members couldn't be any good.

For those who are still confused, the following chart may be helpful:

Bad = TRP ("Truly")
Good = TTRP ("Truly Truly")

And if THAT isn't enough, people just need to accept the fact that the Truly
Truly Revolutionary Party and its literally dozens of cadres in more than
two cities is the one and only truly revolutionary party, 

Because if God hadn't meant them to lead this he would not have made them
The Vanguard Party, which they are because they are right in being left. And
don't ask right about what, because that's strictly on a need-to-know basis
at the Political Committee level, but just between you and me, what I heard
on a 2600 IRC chat while waiting for the .torrent file of Revenge of the
Sith to show up is that Truly Truly is right about everything.

And especially about what a bunch of dirty rotten scoundrels those Truly
people are.

Why, do you know that those people in Truly even have the gumption to claim
THEY are right about everything? 

And yet some kautskyite menshevik revisionist betrayers try to suggest that
it is possible to walk down the same street with Truly. Can anyone imagine
anything more absurd than walking down the street with someone who doesn't
even realize that the Truly Truly Revolutionary Party is Right About

The important things to understand are some basic postulates of quantum

The smaller the group, the greater the uncertainty. Thus you can know both
who is in the group and what they stand for, but not both at the same time.

As the size of a group approaches zero as a limit, relativistic and quantum
effects become quite pronounced. The probability that ths group will call a
protest that includes slogans against an imperialist military intervention
you are especially concerned about, including all possible ones that have
not yet come to pass, approaches one as a limit. And the probability that
the number of people taking part in that protest will be greater than the
number of people who would randomly have been on that street at that time
asymptotically approaches zero.


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