[Marxism] Quantum politics (was: ANSWER's call for "united" action)

Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
Fri May 20 05:33:22 MDT 2005

This has to be the worse of the worse of ultra-sectarian diatribes. Only the 
ISO's "response" to Stan Goff approaches it in its evil, dishonest spirit. 
That some in ANSWER and on the PSL also share this spirit is no excuse.

There is much to criticize of ANSWER and the PSL. True. But so there is much 
to criticize about Solidarity. As a matter of fact, the *Same* criticisms. 
You don't have to call yourself "the vanguard" to behave like one. Or worse, 
talk like one.

I believe you show yourself as an unrepentant sectarian by this sad excuse 
for a polemic. You should write for "Workers Vanguard", they like that 

Man, I hear good things about you, from people I respect, but all I see in 
this list from you is mean-spirited, sectarian talk fit for the early days 
of Barnes, not for people trying to forge a revolutionary socialist movement 
in the USA.

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