[Marxism] Re: Does NYTimes finally get it?

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Fri May 20 06:18:13 MDT 2005

 >Actually, this has nothing to do with the Newsweek affair, but rather 
 >the fact that the Army is prosecuting some of these soldiers.

 >I think the NYT article is actually directed at supporting the liberal
 >argument that all of these abuses are sole responsablity of a few 
 >apples, and not a systemic undertaking. -- sks

The article is about prison abuse and how persuasive it is. It was, of 
course, not assigned or written directly in response to Newsweek, 
although some language might have been changed at the last minute.

It is an in-depth analysis about the breadth and the depth of the evil, 
which began in Afghanistan. Of course, it began much earlier. It is 
also practiced in Latin America by U.S. military and CIA surrogates and 
in the Middle East by other surrogates through the rendition process.

The thrust of the article is not that the murders and other tortures 
"are sole responsibility of a few." The emphasis is how long the 
coverup has been going on, how mild the sentences are, that the 
offenders were then transferred to Abu Ghraib, that the commanding 
officer claimed to know nothing, that the Rumsfeld directives gave them 
cover, etc.

In fact, liberals overwhelmingly, excluding the foul nest in congress 
(and who knows or cares what they really BELIEVE), believe that these 
abuses involve much more than a few rotten apples and go all the way to 
the top.

Regarding the fuss over Newseek, the handling of an article like this 
is always planned: Is it front page or inside? Should it be a lead 
article or below the fold? Run it today or Saturday? etc.

Brian Shannon

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