[Marxism] Red Pepper on British Electoral Reform

Jack Cade jack.cade at btinternet.com
Fri May 20 07:35:39 MDT 2005

Sheaf of articles on the need for electoral reform on the Red
Pepper website:


Waking up on 6 May by Hilary Wainwright, May 2005

 This poll is about forcing radical, long delayed change in the
political system. Hilary Wainwright introduces the concluding
instalment of Red Pepper's election coverage.

One more chance for the 'Progressive Consensus'? By Jeremy
Gilbert, 8 May 2005

The election results show the left's re-emergence as an electoral
force, but the electoral system still gives 'middle England'
disproportionate power. Jeremy Gilbert argues that we must seize
this opportunity to argue for proportional representation.

In for the count by David Beetham, November 1998

Almost any system is more democratic, more empowering and more
representative than that used in British general elections. We
need to grasp the rare opportunity to campaign for change, says
David Beetham

The Greens at the Polls: Real Progress? By Oscar Reyes, 6 May

We need to look at campaign financing Keith Taylor

Time for a Red-Green Alliance? Peter Cranie

Green shoots in Scotland Robin Harper

 The Green Party polled more than 280,000 votes at the General
Election and exceeded the 5% threshold in more than 23
constituencies - enough to see it win seats under a proportional
representation system. But the Greens failed to challenge for
seats in this election. Even in Brighton Pavilion, the highly
respectable 22% vote for Keith Taylor was only enough to secure
third place. The Greens remain optimistic that they can break
through in the next General Election, however.


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