[Marxism] Posada Carriles and Islam Karimov

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Today's NYT article on Posada Carriles


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>  After trying to shut their eyes for two months about the presence
> of the arch terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, the US authorities had
> now decided to take that hot potato directly into their hands.
>  They are stuck between a rock and a hard place of the violent fight
> against the Cuban revolution with the loyalty of the rightist mafia
> in Miami, and the image of the resolute fighter against terrorism.
>  As far as I can see, the situation can only get worse for the US
> government.
>  At the same time, another friend, even if not such a longtime
> friend, is creating headaches for the US government, this time in
> Central Asia.
>  A few days ago, on May 13, the Uzbek regime showed the
> characteristic hard fist of its rule by violently suppressing a
> protest in the south-eastern city of Andijan; the exact numbers of
> deaths is not known, but estimates go into the hundreds.
>  The president of Uzbekistan, Islam Abduganievich Karimov began his
> political carreer by joining the Soviet CP in 1964. In 1983 Karimov
> became minister of finance of the Uzbek SSR, and in 1986 deputy
> chairman of the council of ministers of that "Socialist Soviet
> Republic".
>  From 1986 to 1989 he served as the First Secretary of the
> Kashkadarya provincial party committe of the CP, and in June 1989 he
> became the First Secretary of the central committee of the Communist
> Party of Uzbekistan. In March 1990, he became President of the Uzbek
> SSR.
>  From June 1990 to August 1991 he led the process of converting the
> Uzbek SSR as part of the USSR into the independent Uzbekistan, which
> enabled him to keep Uzbekistan out of the "troubles" which were
> shaking the stalinist burocracies rule in most other parts of the
> USSR, and establishing close ties with the USA.
>  In the three years from 1995 to 1997, Uzbekistan was the only other
> country, besides Israel and the USA itself, to vote in the UN General
> Assembly against the resolution condemming the US blockade policies
> against Cuba.
>  In the context of the war against Afghanistan, the USA established
> a military base in Uzbekistan; the German "Bundeswehr" also has a
> center there, apparently mainly as a stopover for their occupation
> forces in Afghanistan.
>  Add to this the problems of stabilizing the situation in Iraq, two
> years after the conquest, and the renewed fighting in Afghanistan.
> The US government propaganda faces quite some problems to present a
> coherent view of their political and military course.
>  Interesting though, that on the issue of Uzbekistan, there appears
> a rift between the US and British imperialism; BBC has already for
> years reported a lot about the repressive regime, and after the May
> 13 events, British government minister Jack Straw voiced concerns
> about the situation. Maybe they, as the old colonial power, had a
> better forsight about the consequences of associating with the Islam
> Karimov regime.
>  BTW, are there any "leftists" out there, coming to the aid of
> another old CP General Secretary to defend "socialist" law and order
> against a "islamicist rebellion"?
> Yours,
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