[Marxism] MEMO: Bolton nomination and the upcoming bombing of Bushehr in Iran

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The Bush-Bolton plan to bomb Bushehr

Memo to:    Republican Senators
From:        Jude Wanniski*
Date: 2005 05 14

*Jude Wanniski, president of Polyconomics, Inc., was associate editor of 
the Wall Street Journal from 1972 to 1978.

Buried down in today's New York Times report on President Bush 
reaffirming his unqualified support for John Bolton as UN Ambassador is 
the reason why almost all of you are ready to vote for his confirmation.

"Republicans are hoping to shame Democrats into a quick vote on Mr. 
Bolton. They argue that he needs to be in place by June so that the 
United States will have the latitude it needs to press its concerns 
about Iran's suspected nuclear weapons program before the Security 

Why the big rush? My reliable sources tell me it is because there is a 
timetable that makes it urgent for Bolton to be ready for action in June 
in order to cripple the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) as part 
of the plan to bomb the Iranian nuclear-power plant at Bushehr. That's 
because Bushehr, under construction with Russian supervision, will soon 
be ready to receive the Russian fissile material enabling it to produce 

In 1981, remember, Republican Senators, Israel bombed the Osiraq nuclear 
power plant near Baghdad just before it was to be fueled by its French 
contractors. Once fueled, bombing is out of the question because of the 
radiation that would be emitted, with clouds traveling who knows where.

Of course, you must know by now that at the time the Israelis blew up 
Osiraq, the situation was quite different. We were in the midst of the 
Cold War, the United States was supporting Iraq in its war against Iran, 
and the Russians were supporting Iran. So when the billion-dollar Osiraq 
plant went up in smoke (with the help of the neocons who were already 
occupying the Pentagon in that first year of the Reagan administration), 
there was no reaction from Russia because the Israelis were essentially 
bombing us!!

We also know by now that Iraq did not have a nuclear weapons program at 
the time, but only began its (unsuccessful) clandestine effort after 

The same is now true of Iran. If a month or two from now you are advised 
by President Bush that it is necessary to take out Bushehr to prevent 
Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, you would have to wonder if the 
neocons and their Likud allies in Tel Aviv aren't simply threatening 
World War III on a faulty premise. Wouldn't you. The situation now is 
quite different, with Bushehr a Russian project in Iran.

On a recent, quite incredible FoxNews special, Lieut. General Thomas 
McInerney said we are already moving aircraft carriers into positions 
from which we could strike. He was then asked: "If you had to put a 
percentage on it, the chances that the US will eventually have to take 
military actions against Iran, what would you put it at?", to which 
McInerney replied casually: "Well, I would put one percent on using 
ground forces, boots on the ground in Iran, I would put up 50 percent on 
a blockade and I would put up 50 to 60 percent on precision air strikes 
on their nuclear development sites." He also observed casually that Iran 
wouldn't dare take on the United States. Perhaps the 60 million Iranians 
would greet our bombers with garlands and sweets. Do you see what I 
mean? FoxNews, as you may know, is commonly known as "The War Channel," 
for similar work it did in promoting the war against Iraq.

Is Iran this kind of threat to anyone? As far as I can tell, ladies and 
gentlemen of the GOP Senate, the answer is "absolutely not," at least as 
long as they remain members in good standing of the NPT, which means 
they will permit the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to 
inspect intrusively and constantly, as they have been doing. It has been 
the mission of John Bolton and his underling, Stephen Rademaker, to 
"reform" the United Nations in a way that dissolves the NPT and the need 
for the IAEA, not only to pave the way for the bombing of Bushehr, but 
also to get out from under the NPT provisions that require all the 
nuclear-weapon powers to make progress toward making the world a 
nuclear-free zone.

If you wish to really understand what's going on, instead of getting 
briefed by the same people who briefed you prior to the invasion of 
Iraq, please read Dr. Gordon Prather's commentaries on the crisis just 
around the corner. First, on WorldNetDaily.com, he writes Strengthen the 
NPT--Or Else, in which he walks us through the misinformation that 
Bolton, Rademaker, and the neocons have been spreading on Iran's alleged 
violations of its treaty obligations. Dr. Prather, who by the way came 
to Washington under the patronage of Sen. Pete Domenici, Republican of 
New Mexico, and is no left-wing liberal, also penned a second column 
today for antiwar.com, Bush-Blairs Nutty UN Proposal, which you have to 
read to realize how "nutty" it is.

There is also today on the antiwar.com website today an overview of this 
looming crisis that I highly recommend, as it was highly recommended to 
me by Dr. Prather, The Iran Crisis in Global Context. If you and your 
staffs do take my suggestions seriously and go to these links, I think 
you may have greater doubts about the Bolton nomination than you have 
now. If you have any doubts about Dr. Prather, check with your 
colleague, Senator Domenici, who was instrumental back in getting 
Prather an appointment as the Army's chief scientist during the Reagan 

This isn't too much to ask, is it? For good measure, I'd hope those of 
you who are reading this memo to the GOP Senators and are among their 
constituents would urge them to take a second look before they send 
Bolton to the United Nations. His mission is not to clean up the 
so-called "Oil-for-Food Scandal" or promote UNICEF gift cards. It is to 
bomb the nuclear facilities in Iraq after undermining the work of IAEA 
and the need for the NPT.

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