[Marxism] Posada letters published in today's L.A. Times

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat May 21 09:56:57 MDT 2005

While the issue is fresh and hot, everyone should write
letters to the editor of newspapers regarding the Posada
Carriles issue. We're at a moment when a short and pithy
letter can find its way into print. They changed a word
of two of mine, but what the hell, this paper went out 
to a million people today. What leaflet could do that?

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews

To Some a Militant; to Others, a Terrorist

May 21, 2005

Reading in your May 19 editorial, "Send Him to Caracas," that "Venezuela's
judiciary admittedly does not have all the due-process guarantees that Luis
Posada Carriles might have found in a U.S. court," I had to laugh. What
protections? Being tried on secret evidence for secret charges while not
being allowed to cross-examine key witnesses, as is now possible in the
U.S.? Being declared an "enemy combatant" and never see a court? I wonder
where The Times has been the last four years.

Christian Haesemeyer

Princeton, N.J.


Re "To Cuba, a Terrorist; to the U.S., a Quandary," May 18: The only reason
the case of anti-Fidel Castro militant Posada is a "quandary" for the United
States is that it has permitted Cuban exiles to engage in terrorist
activities, both from the United States and inside the United States, for
more than four decades, as long as they were "anti-Castro." President Bush
said it well when he said that one who harbors a terrorist is as guilty as
the terrorist himself. Which is it going to be now?

Walter Lippmann

Los Angeles

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