[Marxism] Galloway on video on Internet

steve heeren tzsche at shaw.ca
Sat May 21 13:08:11 MDT 2005

i  thought Galloway was almost perfect in his testimony but i also 
thought he could have, rather than dodging the question, confronted that 
SOB carl levin (sp?) by asking him what was the point of that constant 
grilling which galloway had to put up with (and, after all, took up at 
least a quarter of the 47 minutes of his testimony).

the questioning seemed so trivial in itself ("how would you feel if you 
found out someone who had contributed, etc, etc") but obviously levin 
was fishing for something to discredit galloway with which was really 
the point of the whole exercise anyway. unfortunately for this Senate 
committee, they bit off more than they could chew: they must have 
assumed that galloway was going to be as compliant as most of the 
lickspittles who appear before congress.

steve heeren

The weight of this sad time we must obey.
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                        Shakespeare (King Lear)

lshan wrote:

> http://makeashorterlink.com/?S1751181B
> Aside from what he says, he is both forceful and calm at appropriate 
> points. Polite, no ranting and raving, even when refusing to answer 
> according to the legalese script, he stays within context.
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