[Marxism] Re: Galloway on video on Internet

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Sat May 21 15:14:23 MDT 2005

 >i  thought Galloway was almost perfect in his testimony but i also
thought he could have, rather than dodging the question, confronted that
SOB carl levin (sp?) by asking him what was the point of that constant
grilling which galloway had to put up with (and, after all, took up at
least a quarter of the 47 minutes of his testimony)

Yes indeed. After all, what is this so-called committee supposed to be 

They either know or don't know about the kickbacks, which take place 
both legally and illegally throughout the world. Of what relevance are 
Galloway's private feelings about what it may have taken to do business 
with Saddam Hussein? A comment on the whole purpose of the committee 
may have been in order.

On the other hand, it was Galloway who volunteered to come--primarily, 
I believe, for the purpose of refuting its lies about him. It may have 
been a little contradictory to at the same time attack the rationale of 
investigating the oil for food program. He didn't have to come, after 

The whole testimony and give-and-take was almost musical, with 
thunderous passages followed by muted transitions, allowing you to see 
that Galloway did not just breath fire and ice. Just when the tension 
became difficult to bear, Galloway allowed you to have a little rest.

A welcome and superior replacement for the Daily Show, which was in 
reruns this week.

Brian Shannon

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