[Marxism] Is Venezuela Going Nuclear? Houston Chronicle

Peter McLaren mclaren at gseis.ucla.edu
Sun May 22 00:39:18 MDT 2005

I was waiting for something like this, and here it is.
Peter McLaren

[MacKinnon was press secretary to former Sen. Bob Dole. He is also a 
former White House and Pentagon official, is married to a Venezuelan 
and has been to the country a number of times.]

May 21, 2005, 6:48PM
Is Venezuela going nuclear?
Conversations with Iran give cause for concern

The most prominent development in U.S.-Venezuelan relations these days 
involves the case of Luis Posada Carriles and whether he should be 
extradited from the United States to Venezuela. There he would stand 
trial for a third time for his alleged involvement in the 1976 bombing 
of a Cuban airliner. Meanwhile, a story with the potential to be much 
more important is being ignored: The growing power and global ambitions 
of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez.

To the minute number of people who understand the threat Chavez poses 
to the United States, his recent hosting in Caracas of Iranian 
President Mohammad Khatami was disturbing enough. But a high-ranking 
official for a Latin American government has disclosed to me details 
about that visit that should send shock waves throughout our 

During a private meeting between Chavez and Khatami, I was told, Chavez 
made it known to the Iranian leader that he would like to "introduce 
nuclear elements into Venezuela." My contact said "nuclear elements" 
meant "nuclear weapons."

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