[Marxism] The new "cultural revolution"

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Sun May 22 08:24:24 MDT 2005

BEIJING: Nude business promotions have been banned in China, with 
Beijing taking aim at naked shop models and restaurants where food is 
served on the bodies of unclothed women, state media said Sunday.

The ban, issued last week by General Administration for Industry and 
Commerce (GAIC), comes amid the increasing use of nudity or near 
nakedness to advertise businesses, the Beijing Times and Xinhua news 
agency said.

In April a Japanese restaurant in the southwestern Chinese city of 
Kunming came under fire for its promotional "feast on a beauty's body", 
in which sushi was served to customers on a naked woman.

The restaurant was later banned from offering such meals. The GAIC was 
also alarmed by the rising use of nude models in shops, particularly in 
the more wealthy eastern coastal cities such as Wenzhou and

Zhaoqing, and restaurants serving breast milk. "Such activities are in 
violation of common decency and humiliate the human being," Xinhua 
reported the GAIC as saying.

A restaurant in central China's Hunan province* stirred controversy two 
years ago when it offered what was billed as the country's first ever 
"breast milk" banquet.

*Hunan province -- mmm ...

What archives store those pictures of smiling young peasant women 
reaping wheat in fields under blue skies?

Brian Shannon

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