[Marxism] RESPECT direction after the election

Tony Hartin t.hartin at qmul.ac.uk
Sun May 22 08:50:59 MDT 2005

RESPECT had a big rally last Wednesday to celebrate the election 
campaign results and to situate supporters for the immediate future.
You can find links to the speeches here 

The meeting was justifiably upbeat of course - particularly since it 
came the day after Galloway's tour du force in Washington. By the way it 
was reported that "tens of americans" had taken out membership in the 24 
hours following Galloway's speech.

I was particularly happy to see that planned route forward is to take up 
local issues and to fight on the ground for them. For instance New 
Labour plans to remove a Bethnal Green fire engine in early June. A lot 
of housing in the area is decrepit as is the wiring, and fires are not 
uncommon. RESPECT intend to build a blockade to prevent the removal and 
intend to start a housing campaign both in Tower Hamlets and in Newham. 
The different forces within RESPECT seem agreed that this is the way 
forward.. and I think is particularly important both for the real growth 
of RESPECT and the counter the idea that change can come through parliament.

New Labour also seem to be ratcheting up the dirty tricks on Galloway. 
There has been media almost every day on new "scandals". These smears 
are outrageous. For instance RESPECT warned of postal vote and electoral 
roll corruption by the Labour Party in Bethnal Green (and other places). 
Now we see media insuinating that it was RESPECT that was behind the 
corruption. Today it was some shoddy piece insinuating that Galloway is 
somehow involved in US arms manufacture in Iraq. Apparently the defeated 
New Labour candidate Oona King has been going round openly smirking that 
there will be a bye-election soon.

Actually it would be the worst thing possible for New Labour. Like the 
senate smear I think it would backfire in a big way.

Tony H

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