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Thanks for this most interesting report, Tony.

You mentioned dirty tricks against Galloway and
I was curious about any others in that respect.

THE MILITANT (published in the United States of
America) tried to characterize Galloway as some
sort of anti-immigant type, though his campaign
was very strongly based on support for the rights 
of immigrants. Galloway's program was very clear:

Millions of people from around the world are forced to flee
their own countries as a result of wars and conflict, human
rights abuses and political repression as well as poverty
and starvation. Some seek political asylum, others economic
and physical survival. The Tories have already played the
race card in this election and New Labour has responded
with ever more draconian measures. We now have a dangerous
competition between New Labour and the Tories as to who can
be the more brutal on immigration and asylum and who can
pander to prejudice in the most effective way.

Respect rejects the notion that migrants and asylum seekers
are a burden on society, or that Britain is full up and
cannot take any more people. The rich countries of the
world, including Britain, are best placed to protect what
are some of the world¡¦s most oppressed and vulnerable
people. Europe already takes a lower proportion of the
world¡¦s refugees than either Africa or Asia. Yet such
people can make a major contribution to the economies of
their host countries providing they are allowed to work and
are free from discrimination.

Unfortunately the reverse is the case in Britain today. The
scapegoating of asylum seekers and refugees by New Labour
has been remorseless. It is the cutting edge of racism in
Britain today. It directly fuels the growth of far-right
parties, especially the BNP, but also other right-wing
anti-immigration parties such as UKIP.

New Labour has continued the worst aspects of previous Tory
policy. These include measures such as the removal of the
right-towork; the policy of dispersal; the use of detention
centres plus greatly increased deportations. It also
included legislation which denies any support whatsoever to
so-called ¡¥late¡¦ applicants and failed asylum seekers
(including families with children) and the criminalisation
of asylum seekers, including children as young as 10,
arriving without documentation.

In addition the EU is putting in place new proposals for a
¡¥white list¡¦ of countries deemed safe so that no asylum
applications will be accepted from these countries. It is
also taking up the previously rejected proposal for
¡¥holding centres¡¦ in North Africa where asylum
applications will be processed.

Were there any other efforts to attack Galloway from the 
"left"? I'd be curious and grateful to learn. They didn't
get any traction when the vote came down, but perhaps 
they had some resonance among ordinary ultralefts? 


Walter Lippmann

THE MILITANT (published in the USA) wrote
The anti-immigrant campaign can be expected to improve the
fortunes of rightist formations like the UK Independence
Party, the newly formed Veritas, and the fascist British
National Party. Each of these groups is presenting election
campaigns that center on British nationalist and
anti-immigrant themes.

Joining the Britain First chorus is former left Labour
Member of Parliament George Galloway, now leader 
of a new formation called Respect the Unity Coalition.

Original Message:
RESPECT had a big rally last Wednesday to celebrate the
election campaign results and to situate supporters for the
immediate future. You can find links to the speeches here

New Labour also seem to be ratcheting up the dirty tricks
on Galloway. There has been media almost every day on new
"scandals". These smears are outrageous. For instance
RESPECT warned of postal vote and electoral roll corruption
by the Labour Party in Bethnal Green (and other places).
Now we see media insuinating that it was RESPECT that was
behind the corruption. Today it was some shoddy piece
insinuating that Galloway is somehow involved in US arms
manufacture in Iraq. Apparently the defeated New Labour
candidate Oona King has been going round openly smirking
that there will be a bye-election soon.

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