[Marxism] RESPECT direction after the election

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Mon May 23 06:16:40 MDT 2005


Yes, I only wish the Labour Party would go back to the basic principles of 
'Old' Labour, like cracking down on militant trade unionism in the 1980s and 
anti-Imperialist strikes and struggles in Ireland since the party's 
existence, bombing and killing people in Iraq, India, Malaya, signing 
contracts with South Africa's apartheid regime, sending gunships to China to 
secure gains made by British imperialism during the Opium wars, sending 
troops into Ireland, opposing Egyptian demands on Suez, Kenyan national 
liberation demands in late 1940s, supporting Zionist demands in Palestine, 
not-so covert support for US imperialism in Vietnam, Special Powers Acts and 
torture of prisoners in north of Ireland, In Place of Strife trade union 
legislation in 1970s, increasing inequality, vouchers systems and 
snatch-quads for ayslum seekers, selling hawk aircraft to Indonesian 
military for use in East Timor, and a million other 'red' measures. Still, 
they supported the Welfare State. But, then, so did the tories.

And much of this with George Galloway in the party. Eh?


>Apologies. I meant it broadly as indicating the right-wing asshole side of 
>the political spectrum. In concrete terms its pretty clear that New Labour 
>want to sell of *all* public services. They have subscribed to the frog in 
>the slowly heating water theory. Since the election they ave ratcheted up 
>the temperature again. I'm sure Blair thinks of imself as some sort of 
>heroic churchill/thatcher figure by now

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