[Marxism] Good news! UFPJ also calls antiwar protest forDCSeptember 24.

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Mon May 23 14:35:19 MDT 2005

Louis Proyect wrote:
> >'the left' is not weak because it is divided, it is divided because it
> >is weak, marx wrote (in letter to friedrich bolte, if memory serves)
> >that socialist sectarianism and actual working class movement exist in
> >inverse relationship to one another... michael hoover
> Michael, I don't agree with this. The German left had millions of members
> in the 1920s but was divided along the very same ultraleft/reformist lines
> as represented in the competing coalitions. I guess you can say that the
> German left was weak because it had lost its way politically but on raw
> numbers, you don't get much more powerful than the CP and SP combined
> forces. Trouble was, of course, they wouldn't combine.

You are spitting against the wind Lou. Doubtless things should be
different; we all should just get along. But whatever was the case in
1928 or 1933, today the u.s. working class is weak and divided (Marxists
can't even agree on who are workers and who aren't) and the "facts on
the ground" are ANSWER & UFPJ. And unity is not something that one
presupposes but what one struggles for -- and at any given time the
conditions of that struggle may or may not be even partially within the
control of those engaged in the struggle.

Moreover, even unity on whatever makeshift grounds are possible at
present would be far from guaranteeing a large demonstration on
September 24 -- or that that demonstration will have much effect on
anyone except those who build it. This is not 1969 or even 1968.

ANSWER and UFPJ are both abominable. Nor are they going to change much.
We should take that as a given, and give our attention to what we can do
towards building a future, larger, & deeper unity around opposition to
the war. It could be worse. No demo called by anyone. Demos called with
conflicting (not just different) slogans on different days. What have
you. We need to work with what we have.

Fred's attitude seems a good place to start.


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