[Marxism] Good news! UFPJ also calls antiwar protest for DCSeptember 24.

David Walters dwalters at marxists.org
Mon May 23 20:22:50 MDT 2005

The point is that they were all in negotiations when UFPJ found out 
'the other guys' went ahead and started securing a permit in DC. *Poof* 
there went the unity talks.

I envision what's going on now what would of happened had the SWP not 
become a dominant force in the late 60s anti-war movement: UFPJ went on 
to demobilize everyone for an election of "not even" a pro-war 
democrat. I wish history *would* repeat itself.

I think it's a bad thing, not a good thing, that there be a repeat of 
what happened in NY. A united demonstration is so obviously better. I 
think the old ANSWER/IAC access has an ultra-left view, but only 
*tactically*. They tried, years ago, to ride out anyone who wouldn't 
make the issue of Palestine the key slogan in the anti-war movement. 
They failed. However, they also backpeddled, and never made it a point 
of principal that they wouldn't build united demonstrations with those 
that disagreed with this approach later. I think strategically they are 
more sound, in this way, than UFPJ that simply won't allow any 
addressing of the Palestinian issue *based on ending the occupation*. 
In this sense, I think UFPJ, combined with their ABB stance last year 
is *strategically* sectarian when they could be a unifying force. I 
think this was USLAWs aim. It didn't work, alas.


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