[Marxism] Venezuelan oil workers defend PDVSA

Fred Fuentes fred.fuentes at gmail.com
Tue May 24 06:31:55 MDT 2005

Oil workers defend PDVSA

By Roberto Jorquera, Caracas 

May 24

Over the last month the opposition through their media outlets have
run a relentless campaign to discredit PDVSA. Since May 2 they have
run headlines such as "PDVSA ready to be privatized", "PDVSA never to
recover" and "PDVSA production continues to drop". On May 12
opposition newspapers even went to the extent of claiming that petrol
was about to run out due to the low levels of production within PDVSA.
All these headlines carried articles with information that had no
empirical proof. It is part of a continueous campaign by the oppoition
to try to create a sense of desperation and confution within the
Venezuelan population. The opposition TV stations also ran interviews
and stories that claimed the same things.

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