[Marxism] Oskar Lafontaine leaves SPD - WASG + PDS should run together

Michael Sims mjsbpmagen-mxmail at yahoo.fr
Tue May 24 06:28:27 MDT 2005

Oskar Lafontaine, former Kanzler candidate and Finance Minister of the 
SPD in Germany, has announced his resignation from the SPD after 39 
years of membership.

He said that he will only join the new "left" party WASG if it runs on 
the same list as the PDS, the former Eastern German governing party 
(SED) which out of government responsibility sounds like the OLD SPD, 
but in those states where it shares government responsibility, acts like 
the NEW SPD.

Short statement, in german, from the PDS in which they declare their 
readiness to talk:


ditto from WASG


Oskar Lafontaine, as a speaker, is comparable to George Galloway, with 
the emphasis, however, on his leftish rhetoric - a damn good speaker and 
an asset for the TV debates. The PDS have also their "TV personalities", 
such as Gregor Gysi.

These and WASG with its former members of the SPD, good union 
connectons, together with the marxist Linksrueck, (plus the possible 
entry of SAV, a CWI member - if the others don't continue blocking their 
entry) makes an interesting mixture of reformists and marxists - more 
interesting, indeed, than the UK's "Respect" because of the experience 
in government which their members bring.

All this must be seen in the context of the SPD's massive electoral and 
membership losses, its game of playing the "least evil"  and the 
highly-probable upcoming brought-forward general elections this autumn 
in Germany.


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