[Marxism] makes me wish I was back in school

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Tue May 24 16:32:25 MDT 2005

Thanks, Rod. Pretty damned good column.
By coincidence while dipping into Mencken last night for general antireligion fun, I came across an essay of his where he makes the same point about religion and childishness. But in typical Mencken fashion he gives it a cute twist. He explains the secret of the success of Christianity in particular by his claim that it takes longer to outgrow poetry than to outgrow superstition; and that therefore even people who have outgrown their childish fears, illusions and fantasies, will still succumb to good poetry, and the wonderfully literary Bible will mesmerize them and cloud their brains. (He adds that this is true only of the King James Bible, written purposely in obscure and even meaningless poetic language, and attributes the lack of faith of the French to their all-too-literal translation, which no thinking person would believe in!)

-- Rod Holt <rholt at planeteria.net> wrote:
I hunted up the article. I wonder if any of the hysterical public 
critics read it. The Wall Street Journal Online got indignant too, and 
usd the same quotelets as the Daily News. The e-zine is one of art, 
poetry and ... politics.

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