[Marxism] Niall Ferguson is VERY worried

Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
Tue May 24 17:17:06 MDT 2005

This is the latest media blitz, the "we can't leave because it would throw 
the country into civil war".

I saw on NBC (online I don't have TV) a report on "Fighting Two Wars", which 
described the USA as "mediator" between "Shias and Sunnis".

The scary thing this echoes EXACTLY the line the right-wing of the UFPJ 
feeds us!

The interesting thing is that it has been proven conclusively even by the 
NYT, that this is not the case. Sure there would be a power struggle in Iraq 
if the US left, but this would be just a temporary and natural part of 
nation building. Morever, the occupation is in full force, and people still 
get killed in what little sectarian strife there is. Who are we to say it 
would just get worse without the USA?


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> Woo-hoo! Score one for the Injuns! Piss off, Lone Ranger!

> For history strongly suggests that a hasty American withdrawal from Iraq 
> would be a disaster. "If we let go of the insurgency," said another of the 
> officers quoted anonymously last week, "then this country could fail and 
> go back into civil war and chaos."

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