[Marxism] Conference on COSATU

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue May 24 17:24:04 MDT 2005

>The excellent comrades at Khanya College in Joburg have asked me to let 
>people know about this conference and hope that some can make it over there.

Speaking of South Africa, I dropped in at the new headquarters of the 
Brecht Forum in NYC for a book party for my old friend Patrick Bond and 
Dennis Brutus. I picked up Patrick's new book "Elite Transition" and heard 
Dennis read from his new collection of poetry titled "Gathered Leaves" (I 
believe). Patrick gave an interesting presentation on "class apartheid" 
that was filled with useful data on the neoliberal system being constructed 
in South Africa. I had never heard Dennis Brutus speak before. He is an 
impressive figure at 80 years bounding from conference to protest around 
the planet five times a year. He spent time in prison for his 
anti-apartheid activities and was shot in the back by the cops during an 
escape attempt. That is who should be the president of South Africa, 
speaking frankly. And Patrick should be Minister of Finance. 

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