[Marxism] Good news! UFPJ also calls antiwar protest for DCSeptember 24.

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Tue May 24 18:53:53 MDT 2005

>>In my opinion, the fact that two important coalitions have called for
protests against the US war in and occupation of Iraq is a great step
forward and a great opportunity for all of us who want to have a massive
action this fall.<<

I'm afraid I can't bring myself to view this as positively as Fred Feldman
does. The good news is that UfPJ *might* refocus on the Iraq war, and might
be willing to try to have a large demonstration. I say "might" because this
has not been their orientation, and one press release, issued under pressure
from forces to their left, does not necessarily translate into a change of
approach. We will have to see.

However, it is very clear from the UfPJ statement that there is no desire on
their part to have a truly united action. On the contrary, theirs is a
take-it-or-leave-it offer even more clearly than ANSWER's, which at least
bothered to lay down a smokescreen of "unity" appeals. So their choosing the
same city and date as ANSWER not at all a step towards unity, but its

These groups need to stop their bickering and maneuvering and unite around a
common action centered on opposing the War in Iraq. 


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