[Marxism] oil will set you free

Tony Hartin t.hartin at qmul.ac.uk
Wed May 25 00:54:46 MDT 2005

The pipeline that will change the world
It is 42 inches wide, 1,090 miles long and is intended to save the West 
from relying on Middle Eastern oil. Nothing has been allowed to stand in 
its way - and it finally opens today
By Daniel Howden and Philip Thornton

25 May 2005

The first drops of crude will snake their way along a pipeline that 
traverses some of the most unstable and war-ravaged countries on earth. 
This is the oil flow that was meant to save the West, and this morning 
the taps were turned on.

Only 42 inches wide, the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan was supposed to alter 
global oil markets forever. The 1,000-mile project has transformed the 
geopolitics of the Caucasus and its impact is now being felt in the 
vastness of central Asia.

Output is supposed to reach one million barrels a day - more than 1 per 
cent of world production - from an underground reserve that could hold 
as many as 220 billion barrels.

Its architects and investors claimed the pipeline would shore up energy 
supplies in the US and Europe for 50 years, protecting our gas-guzzling 
way of life and easing our reliance on the House of Saud.


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