[Marxism] Sino-Soviet Split

Jazz jazz at wwpublish.com
Wed May 25 06:29:09 MDT 2005

Calvin Broadbent wrote:

> Hi,
> I was just reading about the Sino-Soviet Split between 1953 and around 
> 1976 (?) on wikipedia. I am amazed that doctrinal disagreement between 
> the two socialist countries (Chinese critiques of revisionism and 
> peaceful collaborationism and Soviet critiques of Chinese anti-Marxism 
> in the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution) could have lead 
> China to apparently supporting the likes of Pinochet in Chile, the 
> generals in Pakistan, Pol Pot in Cambodia against the Vietnamese 
> communists, seeking rapproachements with Nixon's USA, supporting the 
> Mujahedin in Afghanistan, and so on.
> Can anyone shed any light on the real material incentives to 
> international confrontation in the Sino-Soviet split?
> cheers.

For history, see: China: the struggle within 

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